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文藻與基督服務團 Wanzao and Christian Service Community(C.S.C)

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Wenzao and the C.S.C.


In order to meet the needs of transforming itself into a higher educational institution in Taiwan, the Ursulines invited the Christian Service Community to join the Board of Trustees so that they could operate Wenzao together. Since the tenth Board of Trustees of Wenzao, there have always been five or six members of the Community on the board who have contributed a great deal to Wenzao’s planning and development.


The Christian Service Community, established in 1946, is a group of the laity. The Christian Service Community was formed by Father Jueming Zheng of the Society of Jesus. In Wuhu region, Anhui Province, Fr. Zheng organized a number of students with moral awareness into a group named “SAU”, which is an acronym for “sincerity,” “aggressiveness,” and “unity.” Members who were in exile worldwide, in 1949, became the initial backbone of the Community.


The mission of the Community is “selfless devotion, which is based on the spirit of humanity, service, and dedication, in order to transform society and invigorate both religion and the country.” The Community’s fundamental belief is to live the Gospels by serving others in society, by communicating, interacting, and cooperating with the members in the Community. Currently, there are 110 regular members in Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau.


By the grace of God, in 1994, the Community began working with the Ursulines and started to promote education with them. First, the community members joined the Board of Trustees of Wenzao Ursuline Junior College of Modern Languages, Stella Maris Ursuline High School, and Stella Maris Ursuline Elementary school in Hualien. Then, some of the members joined the staff of those Ursuline schools. Since then, one of the most important missions for the Community members has been to devote themselves to education in Taiwan. In 1998, the Community and the Uursulines jointly established the Leming Foundation. In accordance with the motto of: “Revere the divine; Love the human” the Foundation was devoted to the promotion of education, culture, religion, and public welfare.


The C.S.C. members have always regarded serving local churches and societies all over the world as their mission. By helping disadvantaged minorities, preaching Christianity, and forming young people, they hope to promote human values and dignity.