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英文校名演變過程 History of the School"s Name


1966    Wen Tzao Ursuline Junior College of Modern Languages for Girls

1980    Wen Tzao Ursuline Junior College of Modern Languages

1999    Wen Tzao Ursuline  College of Modern Languages

2000    Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages

2013    Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages








When the Sisters of the Roman Union of the Order of St. Ursula were invited by Bishop Joseph Cheng, O.P. of Kaohsiung Diocese to establish a college of foreign languages, it was named "Wenzao" after Lo Wen Tzao, O.P. , the first Chinese Bishop, who had dedicated himself to preaching the Gospel, and bringing people closer to God. Bishop Lo Wen Tzao’s exemplary life of love of wisdom and truth sets an excellent example for Wenzao students.


Bishop Lo Wen Tzao (1616-1691), also known as Ru Ting or Gregory, was born in 1616 in Fuan, Fujian Province. He was both intelligent and diligent, and of a humble character. When still young he came to know the Franciscan missionaries and was baptized a Catholic. He became their ardent collaborator in the work of evangelization. In 1653 at the age of 39, he was ordained a priest in Manila. It was at the time of the Kuangxi Persecuation, when Christian belief was forbidden by the imperial Qing Dynasty. All the missionaries were constrained from preaching the Gospel and restricted to live in only two places: Beijing or Guangzhou. Lo was then assigned to undertake the challenging task of administering to the needs of the Catholic Church throughout the country. Later he was elevated as the Vicar of Nanjing. In 1685, after many obstacles, he was consecrated bishop in Guangzhou, the first Chinese Bishop in history. In 1691, Lo died peacefully in Nanjing after a long life of hardship in the Lored’s vineyard. He is revered as the mentor of Chinese clergy and pioneer in the history of the Catholic Church in China, known for his virtues of faith, hope and charity and humility, His love for God and for all people.